Parent-child pair shoes

At Makuake and campfire

Start of new project

that name as well···

A pair of shoes that can be worn by parents and children! !

Can't we make men's shoes better than our customers? ? ?

There was also a voice saying

Many children's shoes are made overseas, and some are even manufactured in Japan.

It is decreasing year by year.


A page of fun family memories

Can you help me decorate it brightly? ? ?

That's what I think

Sharing knowledge with craftsmen

We launched this project as one of the culminations of our efforts so far! !

Regarding the production of the product

Our motto is to provide shoes that are gentle on the feet and easy to walk in.

Think of your child first

We created a Velcro belt with a design that your child can wear by themselves.

Designed to keep your feet in place

The material is cowhide from Himeji.

All materials, including the bottom material, are made with the cooperation of Kobe processing plants.

I was able to start planning

Children jump, jump, and run

We have made many efforts to make it easier

The toe part of the bottom is made to have a different thickness to make it easier to walk on.

The cushion in the middle

Uses cushions that have been produced in the past

Shock-absorbing material is placed in the heel to reduce impact.

I have never seen shoes that are exactly the same for adults and children.

We have created a complete pair of parent-child shoes.

All products are produced by craftsmen with all their heart.

As one of this year's memories

If you are interested, please

Please visit the standards site.

Sales schedule at our store

We are currently planning for around September.

There is a possibility that the sale will not take place.

Please take this opportunity to purchase


(Released from March 13th)