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about 私たちについて 1
about 私たちについて

Nous Machons means to walk in French.
Walking is all about having fun and taking care of your health. Recent events have made me realize the importance of walking.

Profitez de la marche "Enjoy walking"
We launched this company to provide comfortable products with this in mind.

Nous Marchons 'a KOBE
is an original brand that we offer with confidence.



Thank you for visiting the Nous Marchons a'KOBE homepage. We have been producing beautiful and comfortable shoes in Kobe for 50 years. Nous Marchons a'KOBE is an original brand that we proudly offer.

For people who are having trouble finding shoes that fit them, we are creating shoes that are easy to walk in every day.
Nous Marchons a'KOBE means "to walk" in French. To walk, you need shoes that fit your feet and don't put any strain on you. We are confident in delivering shoes for such comfortable walking.

We offer a large selection of high-quality and well-designed shoes that leverage our years of experience and know-how.
Please feel free to contact us.

ごあいさつ greetings
こだわり pride



1. Reliable domestic production
Everything from original wooden molds, design production, sewing, and assembly is produced domestically. We deliver peace of mind from Kobe. The leather used is from Himeji in the prefecture.

2. Sewing and production are also handled in-house <br>We carefully make each shoe at our own factory. Everything from sewing to production is done in-house.

3. The wooden last is also designed with consideration to foot placement.In order to address the various concerns of women, we have designed an original wooden last that takes into consideration ease of walking and fatigue.


Nous marchons a' kobe

name: HMG.inc

Address: 〒653-0022
2-14-13 Higashijiriike-cho, Nagata-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
E-mail: hmg.inc-2022@nous-marchsons-a-kob.com
Business Hours: Mon-Fri
Holidays: Sundays and public holidays